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Mozilla Thunderbird

To see an example screenshot for any step, click on the small image to the right of the instructions

  1. step 1

    Open Mozilla Thunderbird, go to the "Tools" menu and click on "Account Settings..."

  2. step 2

    When the "Account Wizard " window opens, select "Email account" and click "Next".

  3. step 3

    Enter your name and e-mail address, then click "Next"

  4. step 4

    Select IMAP as the type of incoming server you are using.
    Type secure.katalinabrown.co.nz for "Incoming Server" and
    secure.katalinabrown.co.nz for "Outgoing Server" then click "Next".

  5. step 4

    Enter your e-mail address for the Incoming User Name and Outgoing User Name, then click "Next".

  6. Enter a name for your email account, then click "Next". Double-check your account information and click "Finish".
  7. step 4

    In the Account Settings window, select "Server Settings" from the folder list below your new account.
    Update the "Port" value to 993.
    In the "Security Settings" section, select SSL from the secure connection options.
    Tick "Check for messages at startup" and "Check for messages every 10 mins".

  8. Click "Outgoing Server - SMTP" in the folder list on the left. Select "secure.katalinabrown.co.nz" from the list and click "Edit".
  9. step 5

    In the SMTP Server window type secure.katalinabrown.co.nz as the "Server Name" and type 25 or 587 as the "Port".
    Select "User name and password" and enter your full email address in the "user Name" field. Select SSL from the "Use secure connection" options.

  10. Click "OK" to save your changes and exit the Account Settings window.

How do I set it up?

We strongly recommend that you use Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client as it is fast and secure.