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Hi, I'm Kat. Designer, Occasional Developer, Wife, Christian, Kiwi, Artist, Wanna-be Chef.

I love design. More specifically, I love simple and elegant design that makes the web easier and more enjoyable for you to use.

I have 4 years experience in website design and my tools of choice include CSS, jquery, XHTML and a sprinkling of other things like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and Wordpress. My degree in Psychology provides a great grounding for my approach to user-centered design, focusing on how users are likely to understand and interact with the web interface.

I work as a one-woman team on small to medium size web projects from the initial ideas through to putting the site 'live'. I also work in collaboration with other web developers on projects of a grander scale. If you would like to discuss a web design project then you can get in touch with me here and I'll be happy to answer questions or provide an obligation-free quote.

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